Thursday, June 25, 2009

Down the Rabbit Hole...and Out Again!

For my post today, I am offering up some sweet Etsy finds.  (I am too lazy to write, and plus I will use any excuse to virtually window shop!)  ;)  However, I thought I'd try to make things a little interesting; there will be no theme, per se, but each find will be in some way connected to the previous....let's see how things go!

My inspiration for this all begins with Alice in Wonderland...

...a red and black Mad Hatter painting by RW2Gallery

...leads to this red and black bracelet by lupin

...and a search for more bracelets lead me to this fabulous, reclaimed/recycled/repurposed crochet bracelet by fantasticplastics! I searched for more "reclaimed" items, and found a mini zen garden by aimeesarmoire; (what a cool concept!)

...which leads up to lovely and unique yard art!  by steelknightdesigns in connection with the Asian theme, I found this gorgeous "Opium" bracelet by lilikoicottage.

searching for more "drug-related" items, I stumbled upon this adorable little necklace by starsprinklez!

...and this brings us full circle. :)  a sweet print by thepoppytree.

Hope you enjoyed!!!



  1. hehe i loved this chain of events :D alice in wonderland reminds so excited for tim burtons version to come out! im not a big tim burton fan (or hater) but im a huge fan of 1985 Harry Harris verson of Alice in Wonderland...oooOOO

  2. great finds, especially love the recycled crochet bracelet!