Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Crumbly is Good"

I love this blog! As I was laying in bed last night and not sleeping, I realized how much I love this blog. I have a personal blog that friends, family, and a few random strangers from around the world read, but this blog is different. I realized I like this blog because for the most part the readers, have lived in, been to, or just plain love WICHITA! I feel such a connection to the readers. It's nice to be in the company of those who know "crumbly is good" and how to properly pronounce "arKANSAS" river.

All of this got me thinking, WHY DO YOU LOVE WICHITA?
I'm working on a little project and I need to know what your favorite places in Wichita are. Do you know where to get the best burger, or where a fabulous little shop is, whats your favorite late nite HOT spot...........ect.
Please list a much as you like!
I can't wait to discover why you love Wichita!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wichita Handmade DISCOUNT for YOU!

Thanks for supporting Wichita Handmade!


Lil' Miss Independence Ultimate Bandana Dress and Headband set!
I personally designed this dress to be OH SO CUTE, and fit just right. It is made from lightweight cotton bandanas and matching ribbon ties at the shoulder.

Dress Fits approx. 18M to 5T;
Can be worn as a Dress, Swimsuit cover up or tunic style top.

Perfect for those hot summer days!

Mention: "WICHITA HANDMADE" in the details when you order a Lil' Miss independence Dress and Headband set, and receive $5.00 OFF!

Happy Shopping to you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

St. Pats Parade!

I love a parade, truly I do.

In fact, for me, parades rank right up there with designing, sewing, and dressing up in beautiful, ridiculous, and/or flamboyant costumes (depending on the occasion, of course.) And, when you think of it, don't all those things go hand in hand with parades?! Well, at least, when you're the one marching down the street.

The Delano District St. Patrick's Day parade, held on Saturday, March 14th, 2009, was an excellent way for Wichita Handmade to make its splash!

The day was glorious: sunny, not uncomfortably cool, and not too windy, even for my sail-like wings. Though I arrived later than the rest of the group, just hanging out in the parking lot before the parade began was fun. The atmosphere took on a circus-like air as we mingled with clowns, bellydancers, furry and feathered critters, bikers, and--my personal favorite--leprechauns!

But, the best part, of course, is walking the parade route and seeing all the wonderful citizens of Wichita who came to see us! Our "float" consisted of a truck that displayed our hand-painted signs, lovely members of our group who donned green and picket signs ("Buy Local, Buy Handmade!"), a darling dancing girl with bells, a very un-scary leprechaun, weirdo in the gold spandex. ;)

As a special treat, we distributed clay shamrocks to spectators, which were printed with our website address. They hung on chords so that they could be worn around the neck, or displayed elsewhere.

Everyone was very responsive. Several members of our group noticed spectators commenting positively on our float or trying to jot down our name. It is so wonderful to be part of a movement that not only promotes art, but encourages people to care about where their goods come from and how they are made. It is a strengthening of economy and community that we need not only in "these times," but always.




We are Wichita Handmade, a group of Wichita artisans who individually sell their creations on Together we work to promote ourselves, buying local, and buy handmade. Visitors to our site are invited to browse each shop individually or watch the blogs or featured seller section for unique, handmade items. Also, local artisans are invited to join etsy to sell their creations and join our group to help promote it.