Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Crumbly is Good"

I love this blog! As I was laying in bed last night and not sleeping, I realized how much I love this blog. I have a personal blog that friends, family, and a few random strangers from around the world read, but this blog is different. I realized I like this blog because for the most part the readers, have lived in, been to, or just plain love WICHITA! I feel such a connection to the readers. It's nice to be in the company of those who know "crumbly is good" and how to properly pronounce "arKANSAS" river.

All of this got me thinking, WHY DO YOU LOVE WICHITA?
I'm working on a little project and I need to know what your favorite places in Wichita are. Do you know where to get the best burger, or where a fabulous little shop is, whats your favorite late nite HOT spot...........ect.
Please list a much as you like!
I can't wait to discover why you love Wichita!


  1. This last weekend, I made my husband look up "nu way" recipes for me because I was craving a nu way burger. I just can't get enough of them when I'm in town! So for dinner, we had "nu ways". Then, we were wishing we had the root beer to go along with it!

  2. Oh how i miss Wichita! My favorite place is the Zoo of course :) annnd walks in Sedgwick County Park. As far as food...there is this tiny hole in the wall chinese restaurant downtown on the 500 block of Main St I think....And if you go on off hours a little chinese man cooks your food fresh for you. And the Lemon Chicken is the BEST EVER. And I didnt know steamed rice could taste so good! If you are a chinese food lover you must go. I promise you will NOT be disappointed. I make a point to visit whenever I am in town :D