Monday, June 1, 2009

Emily's Tool Box #1

Welcome to the first in a series where I will highlight a tool I use in my various arts. Part of why I enjoy making things is being able to use all the coolest tools to make making things easier and more efficient. Sometimes I feel I have too many tools, but I wouldn't want to be caught without one that I need. I love shopping for, looking at, creating, and using new tools. Some tools are works of art in themselves. I really enjoy tools and I think as fellow creative individuals we may share this appreciation for THE RIGHT TOOL.

This week's tool is the BEVEL TOOL. I had seen one in a catalog and could've ordered it from China, but thought I could make one just as easy. So that's what I did. I have actually sold quite a few of these at Wichita Pottery where they have all sorts of clay classes.

Okay, so what does it do? Well I gave you a hint a second ago. It is used for clay, specifically slab building. When building things with slabs in clay, you often need to join two slabs either at a corner or butting them together. However, the joint is much stronger if is an angled cut rather than a straight one. So this is where the BEVEL TOOL comes in. It makes straight cuts and bevels them by simply sliding this tool along the side of the slab. The wire is mounted at an angle which cuts the clay. The shell on top of the tool is to add tension to the line and is merely slipped in.

If you want a BEVEL TOOL of your own without having to make it, visit Wichita Pottery.

I would love to hear about your favorite tool. Maybe I will highlight it in a future post!

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  1. i LOVE that tool!! ok, i've never used it, but it looks awesome. and i have seen it in action, it works great!