Monday, June 15, 2009

Island of Misfit Crafts

As a crafter, I spend a lot of time making stuff, and, obviously, that stuff doesn't always turn out just the way I planned. Sometimes, that's because I'm working on something new and have to figure out all the quirks and work out the bugs. Other times, it's because I'm not paying attention and I muck it all up! Case in point, the potholder I made on Friday evening as a gift for a friend.

That's "Exhibit A" there on the left. Pretty quilted potholder with a big blank field of blue! For some reason, it didn't register with me that I needed to add the embroidery before I sewed the whole thing together. Never mind that this is the fourth time I have made this particular potholder. Yep! I got to start over and make another potholder! That's it on the right, just so you know what it should really look like!

Anyway, the question is always what to do with these poor misfit crafts! The misfit potholder went to my kitchen to serve as a constant reminder that the embroidery is the middle step and not the last one! I also have a patchwork puppy on my couch. He taught me the not-so-good way to stitch up a puppy after stuffing him. I've also got a host of bags that I ran out of fabric on or forgot to put in the pockets or fastener.

Some of these pieces are given away; some are bad enough to be pitched in the trash. Most of them stay in my house - The Island of Misfit Crafts.


  1. Becky, I love this post. It is so funny, yet so true! I love how learning is still a very hands-on project. I actually liked the large field of blue on the first potholder, it reminded me of abstract color field paintings and a nice area of relief amidst the funky border. But the embroidery is great too ;)

  2. ah! i know what you mean...i often use the misfits as reminders, as well....and i've had some that had to be thrown away or disassembled to use for "parts"... i hate it when that happens!!

  3. I've come across an "opps" option on etsy. Where people post their mistakes for a discounted price.

  4. oh geez story of my life....because of mistakes like these I am sure I own a bazillion seam rippers (since i can never find one when i need it). But, as far as your potholder I actually love the one with the plain blue square. I love the clean lines and all that good stuff :)

  5. oh, man. if all of our misfit crafts decided to team up - they'd take over the world.

    i recently ended up with a misfit rebel of a pot holder in my own kitchen as well. and i've made a heck of a lot more than 4 before making my mistake!