Thursday, June 4, 2009

People Who Aren't in the Group (YET...) ;)

Naturally, the first thing I think of when I want to buy something locally handmade is--say it with me--Wichita Handmade!!

But...there isn't anyone in the group yet that offers local wool.  (Or any wool, for that matter.)  Then I realize that there are other craftspeople in the area who may not have an etsy shop, and therefore, aren't in the group...yet.  

Here are some Kansas goodies that you haven't seen at Wichita Handmade...YET!!!

Head down to Historic Delano and there you will find a lil' yarn shop called Twist; inside, the walls are lined with skein after skein of magically delicious yarns!  And there, you will also find bags of lovely, unspun wool, waiting to be made into lovely, knittable filament, courtesy of Naked Pines Ranch.  [I am currently working through a bag of luscious brown alpaca...]

If you're looking for something new, check out the Mosley Street Market.  This hidden gem is located at 312 N. Mosley; the format is similar to a flea market, and the shops are varied.  There are a few sellers who deal mainly in mass-produced wares, but there are also quite a few who sell their handmade items.

This is the first lovely I bought from the market, and I am so sad to say that I did not find out the name of the lady who makes these cute wallets, pouches, and purses.  But she was sewing when I purchased it!

I also bought a soy lotion candle [scent: Cool Rain] from Good Stuff Inc., and my mom found some great hand cream there, too.  (And this cream--it works soooo much better than anything from a department store!)

These are just a few examples of the sweet handmade things you can find here in Wichita.  There are many more, and I will no doubt keep you updated on the crafty goodness in posts to come.

Peace out!

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