Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary, FOLK!

{ Or, as I often call it, Shameless Self-Promotion... }

I am so sorry that I have missed TWO weeks, now, of blogging for Wichita Handmade. I'm terrible, I know. Forgive me! And forgive me also for not having much more substance than an ad...but hey, any port in a storm, right? You need an entry, and this is what I got. (I've been on "vacation," you know!) ;)

Next Wednesday, July 22, 2009 is Folk's 1st Anniversary! Yay! And in honor of that anniversary, I am having a big sale! Some "Anniversary Sale" items are priced ridiculously low. There are also other items in the shop that have been on sale for a while, and still a bargain. Help me reach 200 sales by next Wednesday, and own some adorable, lovingly handmade folk gear as well! :)

Here are a few of the lovely, low-priced items:

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