Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hand-Make with Handmade Supplies!

Sometimes--not ALWAYS, but sometimes--I can be a little stubborn. I have been known to see a piece of clothing or jewelry or whatever else, and think, hey, why buy that when I could make that myself!? (Of course, it's a little different when we're talking about handmade goods, every one of which I consider a work of art, and I am more than happy to actually purchase something that a craftsperson has actually made, from his own creative genius and with his very own hands!!) But anywaaaayyy.....if you're stubborn like me, and want to d.i.y., (do it yourself), and yet STILL want to support other makers, gaze upon these handmade supplies and let the inspiration take over!

Let's start things off with some spinning!! Lovely wool by hedgehogfibres

Cute as a aimoobaroo

Gorgeous glass beads, created for you by RoaLampworkBeads

Silk cord for that next jewelry project... ericawalker

I looooove mushrooms! And I love fabric! How great is this?! By cicadastudio

Luscious yarn, by artisanacre

Isn't this little guy precious? Baby gnome stamp, hand carved for you by Corrabelle

This could be used for so many things! Pencils, knitting needles, crochet BellflowerTextiles

This darling apron from momfetti should keep you neat!

Hope you've enjoyed my Etsy finds today!
Craft on!


  1. all so great...but i love the little mushroom fabric!

  2. oh me too!! that is one of my, i say "one of", i can't choose which i like the most!!

  3. I love the colourful buttons
    x Julie x