Thursday, July 30, 2009

Links & Links

Could I get a cornier title?

I have two things for you in today's post.

Part Un: Links, as in jewelry links.

I made some cute jewelry holders that I wanted to share!! I think they're pretty cute, anyway, especially considering I possess little talent in the area of constructing things from wood and nails...although this particular project couldn't be more elementary.

To make these, I purchased some plain wood plaques, which can be found at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, but if you have a local independent craft store who carries them, be sure to support their business and get your plaque(s) there! Then, I hammered some short nails along the bottom and also few at the top. Once you've done this, you will need to decide how you want to hang these; I used some parts found in a framing kit (unfortunately I don't know what those "parts" are called). Then, paint! I kept it simple with two colors: something for the background, and then a color for the bird silhouette. I freehanded these, but you can also draw your design out first, lightly with a pencil, and the paint should cover it up.

Part Deux: Links! (To websites!)

Here are a few helpful/interesting/fun links I have found on my many adventures through the internets.

For Etsy Sellers:

Craftopolis: Easily find out if you are featured in any current treasuries! (thank you for finding that, Mandi!)

Craft Cult/Heart-o-matic: See who hearts your shop, your items, and find out if you have recently been featured in gift guides/the front page!

Etsy Resources: Ever wonder where people get those adorable Etsy graphics? Sale banners? Vacation Avatars? Here's the place!

For every Crafter:

COLOURLovers: If you love color, this is the place for you! Great resource for graphic designers.

Craftster: Don't TELL me you don't know this one!

CRAFT: : This is the site of the Magazine, Craft:. And it has a lot of stuff to explore. :) I buy most of my fabric in town, but if I'm ordering online, it will probably be from this place. And you must check out their eco-friendly fabrics! And their bamboo fabric? Oooh so soft!

Spoonflower: This is the place to have your very own design printed onto high-quality fabric. I have yet to purchase any, but I know this place is gaining a lot of popularity in the craft world.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my tidbits!

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