Thursday, June 3, 2010

Art Pride Parade 2010

What's better than a parade?? A parade about ART, of course!!

On Saturday, May 29th, members of Wichita Handmade marched in the Squirrelly Girl's Art Pride Parade in the Delano District. Dressed in fabulous (and somewhat freakish!) finery, we strutted our stuff down Douglas Avenue, handing out giveaways to the crowd and carrying our banners.

Not only was it great to be having fun and representing the group, but it was wonderful to see other artists and local independent businesses! Some of my favorites were Lucinda's, Tribal Reflections Bellydance, and the peeps who make Chicken Poop Lip Junk!! (Which, by the way, contains no poop.) ;)

Enjoy these pics--since I was actually IN the parade, I only got one or two of us in action, but here are some images of us having fun before and after. :)
Oh....and be sure to come see us next year! xoxo

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