Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New Attitude.

This time of year always seems so inspiring, so full of possibilities--New Year's Resolutions have yet to be broken (hopefully!), the hours of daylight are increasing, and visions of spring gardening dance in my head as I page through the R.H. Shumway seed catalog…(snuggled under a warm blanket, of course.)

I feel particularly inspired and motivated this year. Why? I have no idea! But I do.

To keep myself motivated, this year I've decided to embark on a 365 project. (My particular project is to make an apple a day, be it drawn, painted, sculpted, cut, arranged, etc.)

I'm also making a habit of collecting and saving inspirational photos, be it in a physical scrap book or the virtual scrapbook known as Pinterest.

A sample of my Pinterest board...

And finally, I am attempting to get organized. This is a tough one for me, and I can't make any promises, but I know that I have to clean up my act if I want to be more productive! This means organizing what I need, getting rid of things I don't need, and keeping better records...

What are you doing to get yourself inspired this year? I'd love to know!!



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