Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Joys of Spring, Part One

I've got Spring Fever and I don't care who knows it!!

Okay, so technically, it' not spring yet. And it's still bitter cold out. But hey, we all know it's coming!

And with it comes the gardening season, my absolute most favorite time of the year. I not only love to garden myself, but when summer comes, I also love going to farmers' markets and buying what I don't have, but need, from other local growers.

Some may think this doesn't have a whole lot to do with "handmade," but it really does. Growing local, organic food means self-sufficiency, sustainability, independence...a lot like crafting! By producing your own food, you create more options--no more scavenging through the produce bins at Walmart hoping to find the least-damaged tomato. The tomato you grow in your backyard hasn't traveled 2000 miles to get to you. And YOU can control what chemicals are--or, more importantly, aren't--used in its cultivation!

As much as I love gardening, I still consider myself a novice and rely on my mom for a lot of information. So I may wait until a later post to tell you HOW to garden. (And since we do have a weeee bit of time left before market season, I do hope to have more posts on this.) But for now, here are some markets you should definitely visit when summer is here!! {Click each link for more information}

Kansas Grown Market: this is one of my favorite markets. Selling lots of produce and some nice crafted goods, as well. They hold market in both west and east Wichita, and in Derby.

Delano Community Farmers Market: opening for the first time this year! (I am really looking forward to seeing how this does!)

Old Town Farmers' Market: this cozy little market downtown has a fabulous atmosphere! Fresh produce and other food, along with more handmade goods than most markets in the area. I have found quite a few treasures here!

These are the major ones in Wichita. But there are MANY more in Kansas! Please check this website for a large listing:

KS Farmers Markets

And if you're on facebook, become a fan of Savor the Season: Eating by the Calendar in Kansas


  1. fantastic post! im excited to try my hand at gardening this year...it may end in disaster but at least im trying!

  2. thanks husband! ;) what can i say, i was inspired.

  3. We're having a thing in Delano tonight, if you want to know more about the farmers market AND gardening. Charlene Schneiders, Extension Master Gardener, is the speaker, and we'll have more EMGs and Jim from the Delano Community Garden/Farmers Market, and me and my ducks (um, not actually bringing the ducks, that is, but bringing backyard-poultry info), and who knows what-all.

    Technically, it's the Neighborhood Association meeting, but we let all residents of the Greater Delano Area in. Tonight, West Side Christian (Douglas & Vine), 7 pm.

  4. Karen, THANK YOU for posting that!!! i was going to but completely forgot. i plan on checking it out myself! don't know if i'll vend but i do want to see what's going on.

  5. Thanks for coming... you snuck out before I got to say hi.

    I'm not sure if Jim is still planning it, but if zoning/licensing/tax laws allow, we had talked last year about having standing co-op booths for Delano, McCormick, and any other neighborhoods who want to have them. Those folks who don't have enough produce to justify a booth of their can bring what they do have, when they do have it.

  6. i'm sorry i did not say hi to you as well! (i had meant to, but when we were leaving i had my mind on some things and wasn't paying any attention!) the booths sound great. i can't wait till the market meeting!