Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mend & Make Do! (Just like the British circa World War II....)

One of the things I love most about being able to craft and create is that it is a character-builder; it's a way to take responsibility, be a good steward, and gain appreciation for things so many take for granted.  How so, you ask? 

As a crafter, I have the capability to give new life to things that are old, worn out, or just out-dated. And, I can take trash and turn it into treasure.  One of my favorite ways of doing this is by fusing plastic grocery sacks into a strong, tarp-like material and creating wallets or grocery totes that can be used over and over again.

Alternately, if I do want something new, I can choose materials that, while not reused, are still sustainable.  Like this dress, made from a bamboo fabric.  Bamboo is incredible; it grows fast, needs much less room than cotton, requires no pesticides or fertilizers, and--get this--is naturally anti-microbial!!  PLUS--it feels soooo soft and fabulous...  (What isn't to love about it?!)

Because I am making things daily, I know what goes into an object.  I have a greater respect for materials, and hate to see anything thrown into the trash, only to take up space in a landfill.  My newest project reflects this.  Be warned, it is an experiment!!  I really am not a crocheter, but I'm doing a very simple stitch to create a basket made from long, stringy scraps of cotton fabric that I've been saving.  I just started this afternoon and will let you know how it turns out!  

These are just a few examples of how one can use their crafty skillz to save money and be less wasteful.  :)

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  2. How cool! I never knew of bamboo fabric! I need to do more "greening" of my life!

    Thank you for the kind comments over at my place ;)

  3. i love, love love the wallets
    thanks for stopping by and for the nice glad to have found you too

  4. Awesome! I love the stuff you make from grocery sacks... you said you make reusable grocery sacks from them... how can I get my hands on some, I would love to use them instead/in addition to the red dillons ones.

    Also, that dress is soooooooo cute. Looks soft and flowy. I am imagining the various jewelry combos I could put with it!

  5. WOW! you are truly a creative person! i love the dress! it looks comfortable and trendy!AND I awarded you the lovely blog award! check out my blog to see! congrats!